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Stevens is a journalist, posting regularly on health and alcohol issues for online news services and is a founding influencer at the world’s largest medical portal, HealthTap. Stevens adds his stunning personal 86-proof-two-liters-a-day story with thorough research into alcoholism, sobriety, relapse and recovery.

A former mutual fund industry executive, Stevens blends wit, journalistic objectivity, blunt personal dialogue and no-nonsense business perspective in his three books, 2010’s What the Early Worm Gets, 2013’s Indie Book Awards finalist, Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, and 2015’s USA Best Books Awards Finalist, Adding Fire to the Fuel, which also won the 2016 Book Excellence Award. His fourth book, 2016’s I Can’t See The Forest With All These Damn Trees In The Way, takes on alcohol and health policy against the backdrop of the Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health. He regularly addresses conferences around the country – including the REEL Recovery Film Festival – on the latest trends in the field of alcohol use disorders.

Among the numerous five-star reviews of his work, an AODA clinician called Stevens’ work, “Among my clinical favorites.” A well-known interventionist gives a copy of Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud to all her clients. A reader also remarked of that title, “I’ve been sober 23 years. This is the best relapse book I’ve read.”

“Scott is a remarkable guy with very solid, very heartfelt, and very well documented advice on next steps. The award-winning author of three books reports on alcohol in a way that many medical folk, including psychiatrists, do not. His is a combination of intellect mastery and raw tragedy. His is not a sob story, not a poor wretched me, but rather an impassioned and thoughtful look at alcohol’s lasting downstream damage to brain and body biology. He’s taking alcoholic biology on the road – with provocative trench insights.” – Dr. Charles Parker, Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist, Board Certified in Psychiatry, author, and host of CoreBrain Journal.

Among his life experiences, Stevens has met seven Presidents of the United States, flown with the Navy’s Blue Angels, piloted a Los Angeles Class nuclear submarine and driven a NASCAR at 140mph on a one-mile oval. The football fan and avid golfer holds a Master’s in Public Affairs Journalism from the University of Illinois – Springfield and lives in the Midwest with his children. He is Editor in Chief for Addicted Minds & Associates and owner of and the DVD series, The A-FILES: Alcohol A-Z, as well as the Alcohology app for Kindle and all Android devices).

Stevens’ work has appeared on CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC. His first two white papers made waves as the country begins what he calls “a shift in alcohol policy and public dialogue from what people think alcohol does FOR them to what it does TO them.” The first white paper is called “Six Signs the Next 10 Years For The Alcohol Biz Will Be Like The Last 20 For Tobacco.” The second was “How Others’ Alcohol Use Became Your Business: Toxin-omics.” Both were Addicted Minds exclusives in early 2016.

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