Ava Diamond, LCSW, Addiction Specialist, Success Coach, Pro Physique Competitor, Author, Speaker, Mom Verified

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Ava Diamond, International Success Coach for Executives, Athletes, & our US Military struggling with lifestyle change from unhealthy to healthy, including treatment of addictions and mental health interferences. Ms. Diamond blends together her education from Columbia University, her decades of clinical experience working in addiction treatment with individuals, couples, parents, and whole families, and her own pursuit of athletic excellence as a Pro Fitness Competitor into a practical and strategic approach to harnessing wellness and long-lasting positive life change. Her methods are grounded in evidence-based clinical theory, but uniquely effective as she uses cutting-edge holistic experience and education. Ms. Diamond is certified in Nutritional Psychology which allows her to guide clients with a holistic approach to managing stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and more.


Her work is offered all of the World through a concierge care model that provides services in clients homes or offices as well as through modern secured technology.  Her clients receive customized, highly accessible support to help them fortify their mind, body, career, and relationships.  Family work is a cornerstone of Ms. Diamond’s concierge practice. Working with parents (married or divorced) and teen/young adult children to create a home of collaborative living with accountability and healthy connectivity is her forte. Emerging adulthood is also  primary focus in her practice. Ms. Diamond has helped hundreds of young adults find their footing in identity and manage better the transition to full adulthood as resilient, capable individuals. She has developed education programs, curriculum for IOP’s, and trained Clinicians on engagement, resilience, burnout reduction, holistic care, narrative therapy, family dynamics, and more.

Her latest project is the Revolution of Healing with Kavvy Sonhos, International Fashion Celebrity and Pro Athlete, who adds her personal story of how fitness allowed her to overcome her years of body image issues and eating disorders. Revolution of Healing will be a free resource for people to learn about Mental Fitness and Nutritional Psychology.

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