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The Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma Project:

Dr Michael Crocker New York City NY

We specialize in working with people for whom sexuality presents problems.  Our experience has been that many problems in sexuality result from early childhood experiences – and can be effectively treated in psychotherapy informed by this perspective.

Our program offers an attachment-based model of treatment that focuses on early attachment ruptures that relate to an individual’s development of self-soothing/self-medicating behaviors and/or use of substances.  We see addiction as a dis-ease that is related to affect dysregulation and has resulted in the constellation of behaviors and substance use that initially was solving their difficulties but now has become a serious problem in and of it self.  This self-torment can be treated effectively though comprehensive individual, couples and/or group treatment that helps to repair the early attachment ruptures.

Our program was one of the first treatment programs that implemented research to understand the underlying attachment issues related to the addictive behaviors of our clients.  In our research we found evidence that many of our clients with addictions are also struggling with insecure attachment styles that are based in defensiveness leaving them vulnerable to the illusion of self-sufficiency through self-medicating and self-soothing strategies that eventually became terribly self-destructive.  Our treatment model addresses this illusion of self-sufficiency and helps our clients move towards healthy interdependence and engagement with a community of health and recovery.

We have experience working with people who suffer from – and the spouses and partners of people who suffer from – sexual compulsivity and out-of-control sexual behavior, sexual dysfunction, intimacy anxiety, gender and orientation confusion, problematic and disturbing sexual thoughts and fantasies, problematic paraphilic behavior, LGBTQ issues, overcoming childhood sexual abuse, PTSD symptoms of abuse, and depression and anxiety.  We work with individuals, couples, and groups.

While we have a sliding scale, we do not accept insurance.  We do, however, hold the necessary licenses, and will help you with the necessary forms, should you wish to seek reimbursement.  The cost of treatment varies by individual, and depends on the nature and extent of your difficulties.

We specialize exclusively in working with various forms of problematic sexuality.  We have studied, presented, and published extensively.  Michael Crocker, our director, has over twenty years’ experience working in the field.



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