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Next Chapter Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach Florida

Next Chapter Addiction Treatment is a male-specific treatment facility located in Delray Beach, Florida.

One of our primary focuses at Next Chapter is to help our clients begin to heal from earlier attachment injuries and childhood trauma. We focus on childhood trauma, which may include physical, emotional, sexual or spiritual abuse. Neglect, abandonment, over indulging, enmeshment or any other childhoods that fell short of nurturing may also have traumatic effects. Unfortunately, these earlier experiences can create significant unmanageability and relational problems in one’s life if left untreated, making recovery from an addiction an even more complex endeavor.Next Chapter is a place where clients will begin to feel safe and to trust others. Clients will have the opportunity to begin forming authentic relationships with themselves, staff members and other clients. We believe that recovery is a difficult (perhaps impossible) process if learning to have healthy relationships is not instilled. Combining intensive trauma work, family involvement and 12 Step immersion, provides clients with the most stable foundation on which they can build new lives, full of joy and free from the bondage and suffering of addiction and painful histories.

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