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If you are seeking a sober living community that will show you acceptance, compassion and support, Sanctuary Delray Beach is the answer to your prayers. All our residents receive customized, compassionate treatment and support from our caring professional staff members.
We have offered sober living environments for men for many years, so we understand what you’re going through and want to help you achieve a better life.

While many sober living communities house both men and women, we choose to put focus exclusively on men. We provide housing for men in two residences that are right next door to each other and we believe in balancing life in an environment which is supportive of sobriety and positivity. At the men’s residence, we offer recreational amenities such as an outdoor patio, pool, billiards, and ping pong tables. Our program believes in keeping our residents engaged and focused on rebuilding healthy, normal relationships with others in the same situation. These activities foster involvement and forging connections, which are important to helping a resident learn how to relate to others and builds self-esteem.

At The Sanctuary at Delray Beach all residents are expected to maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs. Random drug screens are effective and will be given to each resident, to ensure compliance with our policy of sobriety. Residents are also expected to be active in 12-step meetings on a daily basis, because these meetings highlight the importance of personal commitment and remaining abstinence. We protect our resident’s privacy and realize not everyone will experience the same recovery journey, so we meet you where you are and help you complete the healing process to become drug and alcohol free.

Our staff has personal experience in recovery and truly strive to understand the challenges our clients face in the early stages of recovery. Many of the people who come to live in our community have just completed an inpatient rehab, but we also cater to men who have gone through outpatient treatment and those who have been in recovery, but feel they may need a change in living environment.

We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed at early recovery and to regain their footing in life outside the treatment environment. Each day, our clients are provided with a wide array of different services, which are assigned due to the needs and unique situation of each person.
If you are seeking a dedicated program that will allow you to remain safe and secure while recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, please visit Sanctuary House today to find our more information about who we are and what we offer.

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