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Recovery Life and Wellness Coach in California

The mission at Turning Leaves Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching is to provide personalized, high-quality recovery care that will guide you out of the addiction treatment bubble and into the life you desire. The creation of our person centered, goal driven, addiction treatment recovery coaching practice was developed with great passion, dedication and experience. We work avidly to continuously provide a comprehensive program that is proven to be successful.

It is our true intent to support and guide you toward your true capabilities to live life on life’s term with the development of positive life changes and personal empowerment through insightful learning, problem solving, and effective action planning.

Your recovery to life coaching services are provided with an all hands on approach as we believe in working directly with you as you experience recovery, find balance, maintain sobriety, improve your quality of life, and meet your goals in all stages of recovery, life, and wellness.

Turning Leaves specializes in:

Professional Case Management; a service that will be with you every step of the way, ensure that you begin your journey at the proper level of treatment, design a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan, guide you in obtaining the insurance benefits you are entitled to, assist you in managing your treatment plan of action, monitor your treatment progress and compliance, as well as ensure that your treatment team is providing the services you contracted them for. It is in this service that you will be connected with the proper providers for your detoxification or medication management needs. You will also discover and be connected with the appropriate provider for inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment services that meet your specific level of care needs.

Recovery to Life Transition; our signature service that guides you out of the treatment bubble and into living a balanced and rewarding life. This period has been identified as a gap in service and is when you have successfully completed treatment and are ready to build your new life in sobriety outside of the treatment structure (often where one will be over confident and become complacent). It is here where you learn key life skills and how to implement them into your daily living practices.

Recovery Life and Wellness Coaching; Individual, daily, weekly, and monthly programs for substance abuse, food addiction, self-esteem, behavioral issues, life skills, boundaries, and so on. Here is where together we make your journey your own. Call for a free consultation so you can discover how to get you past your barriers and onto the path you desire.

Building Milestones; skill building workshops that provide not only recovery to life transition but all around inner-personal healthy living tools in a 24 session group membership setting either in person or over secure network. (All members are screened and placed with appropriate group members for a cohesive structure and progress. Open enrollment.)

Tune Up Your Recovery Relapse Prevention; an ala carte service that is developed and structured specifically for these time of need. They are available any time you feel stuck, in need of a “tune-up”, fear you may use, or have actually experienced a slip.

Families of Addiction Recovery Coaching; while your loved one is exploring and experiencing their healing process it is important for you to learn, grow, and heal as well. We will explore your special family system dynamics and guide you to find your power to live life for yourself again.

Professional Intervention and Crises Intervention; these services entail a process that involves transparency and participation from key individuals. Interventions are designed and developed on a per case bases and require consultation and collaboration.

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  • Address Arroyo Grande California
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