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Gracious Care Recovery Solutions Deerfield Beach Florida

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions – Deerfield Beach, Florida Gracious Care Recovery Solutions Treatment Center is located on 201 North Federal Highway in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I had the pleasure of interviewing company COO, Michael Way on Tuesday, January 19TH, 2016.…


Thought for the Day 8

Enough is Enough! Thought for the Day 8   I can’t believe my eyes, or ears at times, when I’m surfing the internet, reading articles that seem like they could be entertaining or educational, and I come across information…


Just Another Workshop!

I was facilitating a workshop the other day.  I started by going around the room and asking everyone how their day was going so far?  By the responses, it seemed that most of the attendees were in a good space.…


Quitting alcohol for 2016 requires perspective and direction

Recovery takes vision. Vision is a combination of what you’re seeing and where you’re looking. Perpective and direction. First things first. Let’s look at perspective. (The 68th episode looks at how vision plays a critical role in getting and staying…


Time to Embrace the Future

I never realized how opposed some people in the recovery community are to both peer and professional recovery coaches. In listening to the hours and hours of debates the only conclusion that I could come to is a lack of…


Tough Love

Tough Love is Misunderstood Last year I was invited to be the keynote speaker at an Anniversary Meeting of Families Anonymous in New Jersey.  I was surprised at how large their group had grown to be, over one hundred members.…

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