Category: Addiction

The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.


How to Ask for Help with Your Addiction

If you are battling with an addiction of any kind, what matter most is asking for help when you need it and exploring the options out there for you. A person can drink or casually use drugs for a period…


Kindness and Addiction Treatment

One of the best ways to help combat addiction is to remember the person you are trying to help is a human being, just like you. Although many treatment specialist’s in the past have recommended using “tough love,” this has…


5 Common Myths about Addiction and Recovery

Just because someone suffers from an addiction to drugs or alcohol but still goes to work or school, has healthy relationships with others and appear to be living a normal life, doesn’t mean there are no problems. Normally, when someone…


Stress and How It Affects Addiction

Stress is a big risk factor in addiction commencement, maintenance, and relapse, causing any treatment a person receives to fail. A series of stressful life events combined with poor coping skills may increase the risk someone will engage in risk…


Is Birth Control Helpful to Women Who Wish to Beat Addiction?

There is a new study which suggests the hormone’s in a woman’s body could make her more likely to suffer from addiction. Does this mean the birth control pill may be helpful in recovery? It’s normal for a woman to…


How Can a Treatment Center Meet the Needs of Recovering Women?

Women have special needs while in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse and it includes helping them deal with the social, mental and cultural issues that could lead to relapse and being arrested. It becomes clear when a woman is going…

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