Category: Coping Skills


Recovery issues for men: Part II

‘What is appropriately masculine behavior?’ Men are often conditioned to be strong and independent, which makes it difficult for many men to express emotions in healthy ways. The pressure to avoid expressing feelings often contributes to men using alcohol and…


Preventure: A New Method for an Age Old Problem

I think it is fair to say that majority of the prevention programs that we have implemented on a large scale in this country in order to prevent teenage drug abuse have failed. This is not to say that programs…


Recovery Beyond Abstinence: Emotional and Behavioral Sobriety

Recovery  Beyond Abstinence: Emotional and Behavioral Sobriety By Elizabeth A. Willman MS, NCC, CSAC, SAP About a month ago as I was working with a group of individuals who had just recently completed detox and was explaining the process of…


Free Alcohology app 2.0 released for those questioning alcohol use

The updated Alcohology app version 2.0 is free, and ad-free, effective Jan. 21, 2016. The Android app includes 70 video vignettes supporting the fact that sobriety is a better thing to have than to lack. Alcohology looks at alcohol’s role…


Quitting alcohol for 2016 requires perspective and direction

Recovery takes vision. Vision is a combination of what you’re seeing and where you’re looking. Perpective and direction. First things first. Let’s look at perspective. (The 68th episode looks at how vision plays a critical role in getting and staying…


The Human Dilemma

Our human dilemma is our Conditioned Mind, it leads most in the direction of greed, hate, and delusion. If you can understand this in yourself you won’t need the world to change in order to be free. Whose to say…

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