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The Benefits of Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Do you have a family member suffering from substance abuse and addiction? Watching your loved one struggling with substance abuse is never easy. Even if they started the road to recovery, your loved ones will still suffer psychological and physical…


How to Live with an Addict in the House

It’s not unusual for an addict to have a million excuses to deflect the true nature of what is going on in their life. Many addicted people are able to function and appear normal to their family, which is why…


Preventure: A New Method for an Age Old Problem

I think it is fair to say that majority of the prevention programs that we have implemented on a large scale in this country in order to prevent teenage drug abuse have failed. This is not to say that programs…


Dr. Martin Luther King – thought for the day 18

Thought for the Day 18 Minister, leader, civil rights activist and author Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the greatest communicators of all time.  He was born in Georgia in 1929 and knew difficult times as he grew…


Support & Financial Protection Is A Must For Spouse’s of Addicted Gambler’s.

“So you just got your bank and credit card statement and find many withdrawals at a casino from an atm? Your livid and don’t know what to do? Get support and protect yourself financially and emotionally.” When a spouse finds…


Tough Love

Tough Love is Misunderstood Last year I was invited to be the keynote speaker at an Anniversary Meeting of Families Anonymous in New Jersey.  I was surprised at how large their group had grown to be, over one hundred members.…

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