Category: Substance Abuse


Morris. Ammonia. Dead. (But the Stigma is Not Dead)

In Rude English, the corpses began stacking up around me…. After several relapses, followed by almost a dozen years of continuous sobriety, I decided to take an early retirement, still working part-time, however. The year previous, a good half-dozen recovery group members…


An addiction is anything you have to hide

A many-faceted challenge for families, interventionists, and other addiction pros alike is defining an addiction. We have textbook definitions. We have tests. But when it comes down to addressing the addiction with an addict in denial that he or she…


Dope 101: Opioids, opiates… six of one isn’t a half-dozen of the other

The terms opioids and opiates are frequently – and mistakenly – used as interchangeable words for the same drug when they really mean two related drug classes. The media doesn’t get that. Nor do they have to when they ring…


Dime-store addiction doctoring in the weed and web era

  Addiction treatment professionals are forever up against clients who ‘heard’ things from friends or at the tables in self-help groups or read on the internet. Here are a few of the more common: I can smoke weed: I’m alcoholic/heroin…


Iceland Can Teach Us A Lot About Prevention of Substance Use

Twenty years ago Iceland noticed that they were having an increasingly large problem with underage drinking and drug usage. Surveys done in 1998 showed that 48% of teenagers aged 15 to 16 had consumed alcohol within the past 30 days,…


What Does the Repeal of Health Care Act Mean for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment?

Regardless of their political leanings, something that should concern just about every American citizen, is the possible, and what seems increasingly likely, repeal of the Affordable Care Act. This is something that President-elect Donald Trump has set his sights on…

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