Addicted Minds


An Inpatient Treatment Center Saves Lives

What is Inpatient Addiction Treamtent? An inpatient treatment center is available in many different structures and intensities, depending on what a person needs to recover from a drug or alcohol problem. It is normal for an inpatient treatment program to…


Detoxing Prior To Rehabiltating

Many addicts have sought the assistance of a professional detoxification center before the start of an inpatient treatment program. A detox center in Delray Beach, Florida is a good option for people with various types of substance abuse, chemical dependency…


Treatment not so scary

So it is time, is it? Things probably haven’t been going all that well I take it? Your addiction has finally begun to cause enough grief in your life that you decided to make a change? Good for you, my…


Men’s Issues in Recovery: Part IV

Part VI in an installment titled, “Men’s Issues in Recovery Copyright © Charles B. Greene March 1, 2014 (A Continued Examination of the 12 Step process) Step Three In recovery, we discover there is no room in our life for…


Specialized Drug Treatment for Expectant Mothers

Are you expecting and addicted? Pregnant women going through addiction face a lot of different problems and it is an undoubtedly scary situation. When a woman makes the decision to save her life and that of her unborn child, she…

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