Addicted Minds


The Warning Signs of an Alcohol Problem

Even if a problem came with huge warning signs, it probably still wouldn’t be a deterrent to some people intent on drinking alcohol. The trouble with warning signs is that people will continue doing what they want to do, despite…


Can Technology Help You Remain Sober?

Whether someone just might need some encouraging words or to be talked out of picking up a drink or using drugs, having someone to instantly talk to can be extremely valuable. It’s not a secret that people have been going…


Teen Prescription Drug Use Skyrockets and Parents Have No Clue

The rates of prescription medication overdoses now surpass those of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine combined. In the past, the two most common mind-altering substances tried by teens were marijuana and alcohol. Recently, teens have identified other mind-substances they use and…


Addiction is a Vicious Lover

With beguiling eyes and sensuous words, addiction finds us in our most vulnerable moments. With promises of unlimited ecstasy and highs beyond what we have ever dreamed, addiction whispers of adoration and devotion, all the emotions we have ever dreamed of…..


Conquering the Powerful Triggers of Addiction

Environment can play an important role in how well someone will be able to resist the triggers to abuse drugs or alcohol. Normally, a recovered addict may expect cravings and triggers to diminish over time, however, certain people, places and…


Genetics and Alcoholism

Alcoholism can be passed on from parent to child, but not in the same way as Alzheimer’s or cancer. Do you wonder how exactly this happens? We all have some basic concept of genetics through biology class, so we know…

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