An addiction specialist is a medical physician and addiction psychiatrist who hold either sub-specialty board certification in addiction medicine. These experts demonstrate through education, experience, and examining people with addiction. An addiction doctor is skilled in screening, intervention and treating people with substance abuse and addiction issues.

What is Addiction Medicine?

Addiction medicine, according to the American Board of Preventative Medicine, is focused on the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and recovery of people with addiction issues. Doctors practicing in this specialty, also help the family members who are lost in the pain, turmoil and anxiety caused by loving someone with an addiction.

Addiction medicine also crosses over into other areas such as public health, mental health counseling, psychology, internal medicine, psychiatry, and social work. Other facets that an addiction doctor may oversee include abstinence-based addiction treatment, detox, group/individual therapies, relapse prevention education and other modalities.

Some addiction medicine doctors who work as a primary care provider or internal medicine may provide treatment for diseases such as hepatitis or HIV, which are common among intravenous drug abusers.

How Can an Addiction Medicine Specialist Help You?

Drug and alcohol addiction are chronic illnesses with psychosocial, spiritual and physical components. Recovery only occurs through seeking treatment, going through therapy and counseling and observing abstinence. There is not a single treatment or approach that’s appropriate for all individuals, which is why personalized care and treatment is essential in helping someone heal from drug and alcohol addiction.

Working with an experienced addiction doctor can help someone become sober, restore the person’s dignity and teach them how to become a productive and functioning member of society again.

How Can You Find an Addiction Medicine Doctor?

While many people struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol feel as if the world is against them, that’s not true. You can contact one of our Clinically Reviewed and Approved Elite Treatment Providers today and talk to someone who genuinely cares about you and will help you get in touch with an expert in the field of addiction medicine. You are worth more than what you think and the only way you’ll find out how good a sober life can be is to trust us and let us help you experience the joy of recovery.