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Addiction Recovery – Barriers to Success

Long-term addiction recovery can be very difficult to maintain and it’s made even harder, when someone is surrounded by an unsupported environment. People trying to remain in recovery face unique challenges when trying to get their life back on track, which is why it’s important for them to have the love and encouragement of friends and family.

Unlike recovering from other conditions, addiction brings with it stigma and a multitude of other barriers which make sustaining it, very hard. People with an addictive disorder will face discrimination in the workplace and school, healthcare and housing. It’s important for the recovered addict to sustain their motivation, in order to remain drug or alcohol free.
Someone in recovery will face the grim reality of a troubled past and it can follow them in all areas of life.
When leaving rehab and being newly recovered it’s normal for the person to feel optimistic and positive about their future, but once they get in the outside world, these feelings can turn to frustration, anger and disillusionment, because it’s hard to start a new life without having the skills and knowledge to do so.
According to statistics, it takes many years and many times before someone is able to achieve a fully sustained recovery from substance abuse. While progress has been made across the treatment and recovery field to increase the speed someone recovers, working to make recovery more welcoming and easier to maintain is still a challenge.
In an effort to help people in recovery remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol, sustained motivation in addiction recovery is essential. Behavioral therapy and medication are clearly not enough to help someone remain in addiction recovery, the very motivation someone uses to become clean and sober can set them up to build the foundation needed to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Cessation of using drugs and alcohol can create a large gap in a person’s life, so it’s imperative for someone in recovery to find activities they enjoy and help them build a sense of accomplishment.  Having meaningful activities, personal interests and hobbies that extend beyond substance abuse is imperative because when someone is bored or feeling lonely, it can lead to relapse.

How to Stay Motivated While in Addiction Recovery

addiction recovery for drug addictsDespite the unique and difficult obstacles someone in recovery will face, having support and opportunities beyond treatment are the keys to helping them maintain newfound recovery. Society should not shut out former drug addicts or alcoholics or prevent them from becoming functional productive members of mainstream society. Through ongoing support, motivation and love from those around them, a recovered addict can find and receive the motivation needed to make long-term recovery sustainable and entirely worth it.