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Addiction Redefined

“Whether we accept it or not, almost everyone is an addict, from the mild to the severe, of some persuasion or another, to some degree or another, for some reason or another, and with some consequence or another. This is not only a fact of life, but the inconvenient truth”.
The soul searching question is, why is incarceration and strict discipline in rehab centers and prescription medication not working? If it is, why is the relapse rate so alarming worldwide? This is because when a student is consistently failing, either the tutor or the tuition, or both. And some other form of instruction has to be instituted. It is my belief that motivation, inspiration, self empowerment and self realization, along with clinical guidance, are the new paradigm. Incarceration, punishment or deprivation of privileges are not the answer. And prescriptions simply do not work..

My enigmatic story traverses continents, from India to America. My country of birth, and the nation where I was destined to live and work were very different, culturally and otherwise. When I reached America in the ’70’s, it was an amazing experience. The Vietnam war was on, and the flower generation was in full bloom. What a metamorphosis! Everything was blowing my mind. It was long ago, and I recall working very hard to earn a merit scholarship at U.C.L.A. Subsequently, I earned and lived what could be called a good life even by the best of American standards, and thereafter. I was proud of what I had achieved but somewhere along the lines I got careless and became a “functional” alcoholic, like many of us. My family being in the U.S.,I was lonely and realized that things were not heading in the right direction. I did not know where to go and what to do. Much later, the soul searching that followed was during my recovery at LifeSkills, a unique rehab center near New Delhi, and which inspired me to write this book,. And to help those who were feeling the same disappointments I and my family did along my journey.

Much has already been written on the vices of addiction, but at its core it remains to be an escape route to anyone looking for a way out of reality and rejection from the obvious. Historically, the term “Addiction” has been used to refer to psychoactive substances that cross the blood-brain barrier, temporarily altering the chemical balance of the brain. Today, this definition no longer holds true. It is now defined not by the substance or habit, but by the resulting psychological dependency. This can lead to guilt, shame, hopelessness, despair, failure, rejection, anxiety and depression. It has been said, ‘a habit is what it is. It is what you make of it is the problem’.

It is the author’s view that ‘addiction is fission where the elements of life are separated to produce negative energy. Abstinence is fusion where the particles coalesce to generate positive energy. Honesty is the critical mass in this crucible of life’.

This leads us to the true definition of addiction. No, not the one in the Dictionary, but the one in human terms. About what it had done and will do to one’s health, careers, finances and relationships, and the collateral damage caused. It is no longer defined by the substance but rather the psychological dependency on a substance, be it gambling, internet, work, exercise, or even love are all counted as addictions, because they can also lead to feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness, despair, failure, rejection, anxiety and/or humiliation. An addict has no control over the substance or how they use it, making them dependent in it.

While most text and novels on the subject deal with the dark side of addiction, this is a motivational and inspirational guide, with solutions that are possible, practical and hopefully promising. There are worksheets and a detailed discussion on each aspect of addiction. A must read for anyone seeking or wishing to give help to someone in despair. Although the main focus is on drugs and alcoholism, the contents apply to most kinds of of addiction.

Further, that addiction be elevated to the same level of importance as hunger, poverty and other diseases. Please assist the author in the social effort to establish a sustainable education and awareness campaign going forward, such as telemedicine and digital learning platforms, with seminars for Education, HR, CSR, NGO’s, State and Central Governments, philanthropic organizations and the like.
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For all those who have suffered the pain and anguish of addiction, whether it be themselves or a loved one, this is his story. “The Accidental Addict and The Power of Positive Thinking“.




Substance abuse treatment


Prior to returning to India, Mr. Agarwal was a Senior Management Consultant with Ernst and Young in Los Angeles, and has lived in the U.S for over 40 years as entrepreneur and solar energy expert. He has since changed his interest and made de-addiction the mission and vision of his life. He is a consultant with several of the finest rehab and de-addiction centers in India and a member of many mental health associations and groups worldwide. He holds a Masters Degree from U.C.L.A. and an I.S.C. Diploma from Cambridge University, England. Despite not having a PhD in Psychiatry, he is a member of many mental health associations and groups in India and abroad. His profile is on LinkedIn.


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