Attention: Heroes Wanted

There has never been more of a need for scholarship beds at New Beginning Ministry in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania over the past two decades as there is now.  The ministry has gifted hundreds of scholarship beds to those in need of addiction recovery who need not have any or little financial resources over the years. They have always been there to answer the call.
The need is overwhelming now, with the drug epidemic in the United States, the harsh economy, and uncertainty in world unrest.  Nonprofits are struggling, closing, and not able to provide the resources to those in need that they have for years.  New Beginning Ministry wants to be able to continue to answer the call and save lives.

be a hero

New Beginning Ministry scholarships

The problem is, who wants to donate to help addicts and alcoholics get scholarship beds? Unfortunately, that is the attitude of many individuals.  If your life or someone’s life that you know has been touched by addiction or recovery, we ask that you step up and be a hero!  There are no funds left for scholarship beds to help these lost souls find hope.
Please pray about your role in helping New Beginning Ministry to help those in need.  We need Heroes to step up and help by making the donations to fund the scholarship program that has been saving countless lives for the past two decades.  Will you be a hero to someone who is an addict, that you don’t even know?  Can you commit to this act of kindness today?  Our children are dying approximately one every two minutes.
Tax-deductible donations can be sent to New Beginning Ministry P.O. Box 328 Beach Lake, PA 18405.  Thank you for helping the ministry to help others.  You truly are a Hero!
Best of Life.
Rev. Kev.
Editor in Chief
Addicted Minds & Associates