Allow me to introduce Brooktree Treatment Center. 

While the word “holistic” is used liberally in the addiction treatment field to garner business or get an edge from the competition, Brooktree Treatment Center actually means it.  They walk their walk.

The person who can attest to this fact is Alexandra Lopez, LCADC.  The first day she showed up for her job as the Clinical Supervisor of the Hamilton, New Jersey location for Brooktree Treatment Center, “There was nothing there.  And I mean, physically, there was nothing there.  So on the first day of my job I realized that I had to build an entire program from scratch.”

While many would perceive the challenge as daunting and overwhelming, Ms. Lopez saw it as the opportunity of a lifetime.  “As someone who started in this field 20 years ago, I had a broad experience, and they all came together in this one unique experience.”  The opportunity afforded her to create a program that made the client the most important focus of the operation.


Brooktree Treatment Center – About Us

Brooktree Treatment Center focuses on creating health for the client, and the expectation is that the staff has to be healthy to model wellness for the client.  Consistency is the key approach to ensuring  “holistic recovery” which ranges from intake to discharge.

Body, mind, and spirit are integrated with a base of scientific research that forms the foundation of long-term recovery.  Programs are personalized for each patient and their family.  Factors that are taken into consideration include where they live, their work, the family structure, medical and mental issues, as well as natural alternatives to medication.  Meditation, yoga and nutritional meals help the client to begin a recovery process that attends to the whole person, not just the addiction.

One of the unique factors in place at Brooktree Treatment Centers around their “Continuing Care Program.”  Incorporating the reality that long-term recovery includes solid attention to how an individual returns to their “life” after treatment, Brooktree Treatment Center helps the client to create a workable plan that gives them the maximum opportunity to avoid relapse, engage in 12 Step meetings, continue attending to their well-being, and seeing their personal goals to reality.

Handpicking her staff, Alexandra mentored each one into a program philosophy that now enjoys three additional centers.  The loyalty and dedication of the staff are reflected in the fact that they are all still at the New Jersey facility two-plus years later.   Ms. Lopez is now the Director of Clinical Operations for all three locations, realizing a dream into a workable reality.

Brooktree Treatment Center – What Stands Out

“If there is one thing I can say about what helped me to create the Brooktree program it is this:  as an employee for years working in this field I learned what to do right, and what not to do.  It was the latter that informed how I set up the model.  The success of our treatment philosophy is reflected in our expansion, staff dedication, and client satisfaction here at Brooktree Treatment Center.”