Saving Two Lives – Expecting Mothers and Their Babies Verified

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Saving Unborn Babies Before it’s too Late

When you’re addicted to drugs, things can happen and some of those things can have very negative consequences. One of the most common occurrences with females is pregnancy. When this happens, the last thing you need is judgement. This serves no purpose at all and takes you nowhere. It certainly does no good for the unborn child. For every hour that passes, one child is born addicted to opiates and has to start their lives on detox. Your child does not have to be one of the nearly 440.000 children born addicted to drugs.

Our Clients are Expectant Mothers with Substance Abuse Issues & Mental Health Disorders

We are one of the very few addiction treamtent programs that offer drug treatment to expectant mothers. Our philosophy is that no one gets overlooked. If you are willing to commit to a drug program then we are here for you. We are prepared for the special needs of expectant mothers. We know how to address your unique situation. You can come to us in confidence that you are safe. The first step is to call.

Benefits of our Rehabilitation Program for Expectant Mothers
● Expecting mothers will have regular, traditional access to the prenatal care they need.
● We will provide a nurturing environment that is judgement-free
● Each treatment plan with take the health of the mother and baby in each unique treatment plan.
● We rigorously monitor each patient and have a professional staff ready for anything. This includes psychiatrists, therapists, and supporting staff.

We are one of the few addiction treamtent programs that will address the complex family and cross psychological issues that occur in these special cases for the mother and baby.

Call us today, every moment counts. 865-474-1299

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