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Future Now Detox is a detox facility that has been designed to help patients through the initial and most difficult phase of recovery. Our staff provides clients with the highest quality of care, making the step into treatment possible even for individuals and families that have lost hope.

We are here to make clients comfortable during detox, and most importantly, to keep them safe. Our medically managed detox provides patients with the supportive care, monitoring, and counseling they need to succeed in this important first stage of recovery. We believe it is important for individuals to practice complete abstinence after recovery, and we help them achieve a sobriety that is free from all drugs and alcohol.

Drug and alcohol detox in FloridaFuture Now Detox offers NAD treatment as well.  The NAD or Brain Restoration Plus (BR+) is a type of treatment that addresses the problems of addiction and withdrawal. With the use of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), levels of neurotransmitters go up to normal. Moreover, it helps patients decrease dependency on addictive drugs and alcohol. Even mental disorders like depression, acute and post-traumatic stress and anxiety can be treated.

Future Now also has a methadone detox program specifically for individuals that have found themselves caught up with this type of addiction. Many of those we treat were on their way to recovery from heroin or morphine addiction before they became addicted to this medication that they thought was helping them. Methadone can be effective in the treatment of opiate addiction, but only under the close supervision of experienced staff.


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