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Step Out of the Addiction Drama so you can Get you Life Back Now!

How to Survive Your Adult Child’s Addiction


Why I do this, working for YOU the parents or loved ones of addicts or alcoholics.

All too often I’ve seen that families are overlooked and underserved. Yet my experience tells me that family support is a vital part of successful long-term recovery.

You want to know how you and your child live in recovery-what happens when your child is released? What do you do when outpatient treatment, therapy or counseling, or self-help meetings are recommended. (Did you know that there are other self-help options in addiction to 12-Step-AA, NA, Alanon, etc.?) And what do you do for yourself beyond self-help?

I will help you create a Relapse Prevention Plan for you child and you. You will develop-and practice-a clear strategy of what to do if there is a relapse, so you and your child don’t fall back into old patterns.



I work with the parents of young adult addicts who still live at home. The child may be:

  • Using drugs or alcohol and needing treatment
  • In intensive outpatient treatment
  • Recently discharged from intensive outpatient treatment
  • In residential inpatient treatment and retuning home soon or
  • Recently home from residential treatment



There are many benefits to working with a Family Recovery Coach. The most important is learning that the best way to help their your child is to take care of yourself first. It’s like on the airplane, when we are reminded to put on our own oxygen mask first so that we can help others.

Together, we will develop a Home Contract, which is an important part of recovery. You will be able to help improve adherence to the contract by having realistic expectations that reduce manipulation by the addict.

By improving your interpersonal communication skills you can move a still using addict toward treatment and recovery. Developing the language of recovery empowers you to reduce the tension of talking about addiction and recovery and supports your own, as well as your child’s recovery

You learn how to effectively speak to treatment providers, how to request a release of information and learn what questions to ask.  Is your child attending sessions? What are the Urine Screen results? What is the treatment plan? How long will it take?

A recovering household and lifestyle provides a supportive and healing environment not only for the (recovering) addict, but for the entire family



Coaching is not Therapy or Counseling. As a coach, I work with your family to create actionable addiction and recovery focused solutions. Services are easily accessible and convenient in the office or via computer. Active support in between sessions is by phone, email and text.

As part of the coaching process, you will become informed and educated about recovery with written assignments, reading suggestions and in-depth discussions

You will also learn self-care practices so that you become physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy again. You will heal shame, guilt and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.


Jerri Shankler is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor,  and a Family Recovery Coach with 30 years of experience working in the field of Addiction and Recovery. She has her MSW from Yeshiva University and a BA in Political Science from CU Boulder. She is a veteran of the US Air Force. She studied hypnosis at NYSEPH, the New York Society for Eriksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis.


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