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How would you feel about approaching your challenges and goals using your strengths instead of trying to correct your weaknesses? As a strengths-based recovery coach I take great pleasure in helping clients not only discover and know their strengths, but in correctly¬†applying them as well. Knowing your strengths is a good start, but effectively applying them is vital in achieving success. Each of our strengths has needs, and when these needs are met we make our best contributions. Let’s work together to unlock your strengths!

As your coach, I work with you on moving forward, not trying to fix the past. The past is done, but the future holds many exciting possibilities. I offer a complementary session for prospective clients to provide the opportunity for us to learn more about each other and decide if we are a good match. If we agree, I then send a coaching agreement are ready to work together.

Recovery coach wisconsinDuring our coaching sessions, the client, not the coach, sets the agenda for what the need is for the session. I employ a variety of strengths-based tools to guide clients during our time together, such as a strengths balance wheel, fulfillment and frustration log, and strengths geography to name a few.  These tools are intended to aid the client in gaining clarity into how effectively they are using their strengths and identify needs of their strengths, as well as possible areas of overuse or underuse of their strengths which results in them not using their strengths effectively.

I truly take great pleasure in watching clients grow as they gain a better awareness of their strengths and how to use them. Personal growth is exciting but can be scary. But remember, there is no growth in the comfort zone, and there’s no comfort in the growth zone. Let’s work together in getting in your individual growth zone and make it successful.

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