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Telehealth addiction treatment

Drew Dykes President

Telehealth for mental health industry

Tom Fain Vice President of Development

Addiction is a family disease. A person in active addiction creates chaos in the lives of those around them as well as their own. It can be difficult for families to navigate the overwhelming emotions they experience while their loved one is in recovery. All healing is focused on the client and there is not enough attention dedicated to the family that is still suffering.

At Reform Recovery, we understand that the involvement of the family is a vital part of treatment. There are numerous decisions that have a major impact on the outcome of someone’s treatment. As people who have lived this process and work in the field of recovery we are here to guide the family through these decisions that benefit themselves and the client.

Telehealth for addiction industy

Joe Singer, NCIP Executive Vice President

Of 22.5 million people sought treatment in 2015

11.6% were able to receive treatment
Of the 11.6% receiving treatment only 10% remained sober




We provide:

  • Weekly phone calls from a family advisor for one year after loved one discharges from treatment
    Secure online portal to communicate with Reform Recovery, Inc. staff, receive education, schedule appointments, access resources, and more
    Comprehensive Family Program to address family dynamics and provide healing
    Library of resources available to address specific needs of the family
    Assistance in providing accountability for their loved one




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