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Addiction breeds isolation. Together let’s create new conditions.

The Family Recovery Solution (TFRS) believes that better outcomes are achieved when there are multiple resources accessible to change the tide of addiction – It takes a vil- lage. From the standpoint of families with an addicted loved one, we are that village. From the standpoint of professionals and families alike, we are that village.

TFRS Deep Community is an online community that supports, complements, and integrates into all addiction treatment services. A flexible complement to all addiction treatment services. Together we provide support that none of us provide alone.

Together we support the whole family engaging in change, recovery, transformation. Together.

TFRS is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, anyone who cares about recovery. Connecting likeminded people with one another, multiple resources, and expertise. The online community confronts stigma by providing anonymity to people signing up, giving them control and responsibility to how and when they chose to engage with others in the community. Multiple resources are available 24/7 for community members to engage with in their own time. Expertise comes in the form of interviews with topic experts, and providing avenues for community members to engage in specific re- sources at their pace, when they are ready (expertise from TFRS as well as other ad- diction professionals).

At the heart of the TFRS Deep Community (TFRS-DC) is TFRS 3 phase process. Families can opt into doing this 3 phase process together, or stay a community member. Community members will have a loved one at various levels of addiction or recovery. The cross pollination aspect of this service delivery model provides unique opportunities for all community members to recognize their own unique contributions, practice resources that are most useful for them, and realize optimal healing, recovery, and discovery of next best steps for families as well as individuals.

TFRS 3 phase process

The Family Recovery Solution (TFRS) enables the family to realize a new, healthy dynamic by using their strengths as individuals, and as a unit, to heal and to connect to a positive vision of the future.

TFRS is a flexible framework that enables a customized solution tailored to the unique needs of each family. While the tools and techniques might change, depending on the needs of the family, TFRS is a three-phase process:

1. Recognize:

​a.​Assess the unique needs and circumstances of the family,

​b.​Understand historical trends and influences,

​c.​Engage in a process of shame reduction, and

​d.​Identify strengths and opportunities.

2. Resource:

​a.​Discover new pathways,

​b.​Learn tools to empower resiliency and develop grit,

​c.​Develop resources and define objectives, and

​d.​Create an action plan.

3. Realize:

​a.​Engage in healing activities,

​b.​Establish Strength-based connections within the family unit, and

​c.​Empower family action and success.

Customizing the resources by bringing together a suite of tools and techniques specific to the needs of the family is fundamental to The Family Recovery Solution’s success. It is within the holistic, integrative approach of TFRS that we endow each family with the best opportunity for creating a successful outcome for themselves, as individuals, and, as a family.

TFRS can be an effective resource for families at an stage of addiction.

The Family Recovery Solution Deep Community (TFRS-DC)

Human Transformation occurs in the context of human relationships. Think back to every important transformative experience in your life – good and bad. We think you’ll find that it happened in a social context; even those experiences that seem, on the surface, personal and individual are almost always connected to people. To transform we need other people. Family. Friends. Community. Our best opportunity to transform is by forging community with people who have been there – walked in our shoes – and people who are going through what we’re going through, right now. People willing to share perspectives, connect, work together, help and be helped. Whether you need help, or a sister, brother, daughter, son, mother, father, or grandparent, there is a place for you in The Family Recovery Solution Deep Community. We have the People, Resources and Expertise to make a difference in your life and the lives of your family. There’s a place for your family in our family Join us today.

The Family Recovery Solution Community has carefully curated resources that will help your family recover from addiction. Some of the resources include:

​1.​The Family Recovery Solutions: Tools for Transformation,

​2.​Communication Forums with other Community Members,

​3.​Videos and Audio recordings that inspire discussion and reflection,

​4.​Workshops that offer growth and development opportunities to Community


​5.​The Family Recovery Solution Community Show

​6.​So much more. We would love to have you. You and your family are welcome here.
Join us.

TFRS Deep Community Values, Overview, and Levels of Membership

The TFRS Deep Community is a place for anyone who cares about addiction recovery. Our Community provides each member with the opportunity to: learn together, grow together, work together and act together.

TFRS Deep Community brings together TFRS families – families who are participating in the TFRS process – as well as other individuals who find value in the community.

TFRS Deep Community has a multi-tiered membership structure which enables community members to access the level of support that matches their needs. The member- ship options are as follows:

​1.​TFRS Engaged Membership ($45/month) – provides access to a number of TFRS resources, including: worksheets, videos, helpful tips, and links to other valuable resources. In addition, the Engaged Membership gives access to TFRS Community Show, as well as other interactive tools that enable communication with other members of the community.

​2.​TFRS Elevated Membership ($400/month) – provides access to everything in the Engaged Membership, plus: one-on-family time with Jeff, or another TFRS Support, to guide you and your family through the TFRS program. There will be a weekly get togethers for Elevated Members, where they have special access to a TFRS Support during prescribed Office Hours.

​3.​TFRS Enriched Membership ($800/month) – provides access to everything in the Elevated Membership, plus: one-on-one time with Jeff, or another TFRS

Support, on a regular basis. Also, includes 12 months of engaged support and help implementing the Family Action Plan.

The minimum length of membership available for purchase is three (3) months. If requesting private hourly consultation, schedule at

The Signup Process

Signing up is as easy as going to this link.
Or email Jeff Jones at, or call 720-314-3543

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