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The private sober coach tommy o

What Tommy Does:

He is a Personal Sobriety Consultant – Advisor / Companion / Coach / Escort … providing a strong “Sober Presence” for High-Level Professionals: Executives, Entertainers, Athletes & Young Adults – Students & Professionals alike.

Who Tommy Serves:

  • Tommy serves Professionals & Young Adults as their Private Sober Companion / Sober Coach.
  • Tommy is privately hired by high-profile Individuals, Families & Corporations as a “Powerful Sober Influence” who can effectively support a Client during their very busy lifestyles.
  • ENTERTAINERS: Actors, Musicians, Athletes
  • EXECUTIVES: CEOs, VPs, Partners
  • YOUNG ADULTS: Students, Athletes, Professionals
  • “Tommy has a rare talent & unique gift which he uses to empower both Professionals & Young Adults to perform at their highest levels.”

Why Tommy – How is He Different?

  • The “Why?” is very clear… as he differs from other
    Professionals in his industry for 3 main reasons:
    Proven Consistency
    He has successfully managed to maintain His own Sobriety for 23+ years through all Personal & Professional life experiences… No matter what.
    Perfect Match
    Clients can naturally relate with Tommy on multiple levels, as He has lived ALL of his Adult life as a High-Profile: Collegiate Athlete, Corporate Executive & Entrepreneur.
    Professional Recovery Master
    He has been personally mentored by The Top Corporate “Recovery Specialists” in the world & has worked with 100s’ of Clients, both Professionals & Young Adults alike.
  • Person Tommy O
  • Address California
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