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We all face crises in our lives. As our lives become more complex, these situations escalate, varying by family, individual and relationship. With the rise of addiction across the US, more and more families are finding their lives starting to spiral.


This is a crisis situation.


Families will go to extreme measure to help a loved one. We’ve all had the desire to intervene when we see someone we love pursuing a harmful path. But when it comes to addressing addiction head on, the first instincts from family members and loved ones many times prove to be the most treacherous for long-term recovery.


This is where Crisis Coaching comes in.


We intervene when a situation escalates to a breaking point. Families don’t know what to do next, but know they are nearing a cliff. If you or your family members feel hopeless, frustrated, trapped, or as if they’ve tried everything with no results, it’s time to chart a new course. It’s time for a crisis coach.


Our Approach

This is triage. Your situation has reached a breaking point, in which you start to fear about the safety of a loved one. We are here to help, stepping into high-risk situations in order to deescalate the situation, charting a positive route forward.


Clinicians and counselors today are limited to working with one individual. While important, it’s a piecemeal approach that doesn’t address the full situation, involving all the players. At Crisis Coach, we work individually with all the stakeholders, and then we bring everyone to the table to get to the root of the issue.


Our dynamic approach develops common ground essential to facilitating meaningful communication. This method also creates collective ownership. Through the process, we equip you with the tools, support and direction to move forward.


Unlike traditional counseling, this is not a long-term endeavor. We work with you until we have successfully navigated your current situation and you are confident in your abilities to go forward.



Scott Silverman founded Crisis Coach. He brings an unparalleled breath of experience to coaching. As founder of Second Chance, he worked to break the cycle of substance abuse for 25,000 at-risk teens and adults. Today he leads the charge at Confidential Recovery, an intensive outpatient substance abuse recovery program for high profile professionals.


Despite his extensive experience, his credentials are not why you want to work with him directly.


You want to work with him because he has been there. Thirty years ago he was on the edge, contemplating suicide. Struggling from addiction had led his life to feel as if it were spiraling toward rock bottom. Taking a step back saved his life. He entered treatment to face the embarrassment, fear, and helplessness surrounding addiction. And he came out the other side whole.


31 years sober, today he dedicates his life to empowering individuals, families and loved ones on the journey of dealing with addiction. Regardless if they are a high-powered lawyer turning to opioids, an at-risk teen struggling with suicide, an abusive spouse, or a family dynamic that needs to be addressed, he get results.


Call or text him today to put your life back on track. (619) 993-2738


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