Sober Living Community

You Can Benefit from the Structure of a Sober Living Community

Upon leaving a rehab program for drug or alcohol treatment, many people in recovery are afraid of going back to their previous home environment. With good reasons, many people in recovery find the structure of a sober living community to be just what is needed to help them remain clean and sober.

Many sober living communities base their guiding principles on 12-step recovery programs. In addition to living in a structured, positive and enriching environment, many residents are encouraged to work outside of the community and learn better life skills.

Some of the most common rules associated with a sober living community include the following:

1.)    No alcohol or drugs are permitted, the only exceptions to these rules are medications prescribed by a person’s doctor.
2.)    No gambling or betting.
3.)    Residents should refrain from using profanity.
4.)    No physical confrontations or arguing. No physical violence of any type will be permitted.
5.)    Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.
6.)    No pets or animals of any kind are permitted.
7.)    All activities should be limited to the defined hours set forth by the recovery community.
8.)    No overnight visitors are permitted.
9.)    Get a sponsor and attend regular 12-step support meetings.
10.)  Each resident has daily responsibilities to keep their own room and area clean and tidy.
11.)   All residents are required to be employed on a full-time basis or must participate in volunteer opportunities.
12.)  All residents must pay for their own expenses.

Finding a Sober Living Community is Possible:

If you are interested in finding out more information about a sober living community in your area, there are many options available to you. Please contact Addicted Minds-The Elite Treatment Provider today, because we have all the resources needed to point you in the right direction.