What if you knew your loved one was slipping back into addiction or alcoholism? Would you confront the person and what would you do if they denied anything was wrong? What if you requested your loved one go back to an addiction rehab and the person refused? Although you may not have rock solid proof your loved one is engaging in negative behaviors after leaving an inpatient rehab center, the best solution for the situation is to hire a sober coach.


Isn’t Drug and Alcohol Treatment Enough?

Many people go through drug and alcohol treatment and become clean and sober, but for some these programs aren’t enough. Treatment providers can only help those who are willing to put in the hard work needed to become clean and sober, but many individuals refuse to admit there is a problem or refuse to go to an addiction rehab program. There are other people who leave recovery and have no idea what to do next, which is where a sober coach enters the picture.

The rate of relapse for people leaving treatment is 50 percent within the first year and the drop-out rate from treatment is almost the same.  Sometimes a person needs more than to just complete a treatment program and hiring a sober coach to aid in the recovery process is the best option.

Who Can You Turn to If You Need a Recovery Coach?

Even though your situation might seem completely hopeless and you feel as though you can’t remain clean and sober, there is hope and help. You no longer need to go through the journey to recovery alone, because there are many licensed, professional recovery coaches available to assist you.

When alcoholism or drug addiction has ruined your life and you’ve completed a treatment program to become clean and sober, sometimes more is needed to help you remain steadfast in your goals.