Women have special needs while in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse and it includes helping them deal with the social, mental and cultural issues that could lead to relapse and being arrested. It becomes clear when a woman is going through addiction treatment she will have vastly different needs than a man. Women start abusing drugs and alcohol for different reasons than men do and tend to have unique obstacles that can prevent them from seeking treatment.

Shame and guilt are the biggest deterrents to a woman going into professional treatment. Perhaps, educating a woman about the different issues she faces when considering treatment may help her get over any initial apprehension and accept professional help.

The following issues are not only considered by rehab programs, but women should consider these factors too:

·         Severity of the addiction/alcoholism
·         The drug of choice or alcohol
·         A woman’s resiliency
·         The length of addiction
·         A woman’s support network
·         Underlying mental health issues
·         A woman’s financial situation
·         The approach to treatment
·         A woman’s children, if any
·         A supportive environment I a treatment center

·         The types of services offered at the program

A woman could decide to take her recovery into her own hands by considering all the above-mentioned factors. While in treatment, a woman will need to have access to her children for visits, because most mothers cannot fathom being separated from them.

Along with family visits, a woman should have access to phone calls, to keep in touch with her loved ones while going through treatment. Isolating a woman from her family and children is a bad idea and it can cause severe depression, sadness and loneliness, whereby making recovery more difficult if not impossible.

The goal of helping a woman enter recovery from substance abuse is to equip her with better coping skills, life tools and to enable her to set up positive goals. When a woman is dealing with substance abuse or addiction issues, many of them also contend with emotional problems too. If a woman has dealt with a past trauma such as child abuse or rape, it can make her more likely to need psychological treatment than a male.

After recognizing the unique needs of women in recovery, a treatment program can help establish a protocol which will take all her unique needs and requirements into consideration. With faith, dedication and customized care, a woman can enter recovery and become stronger, clean and sober for the rest of her life.