Category: 12 Step Programs


The Misperception of Truth

Problems that are based in lies can’t be fixed with solutions that are based in lies. So truth has to become known if our world is to change and one is to be of assistance to others. I often write…


Rehab Romance

Wouldn’t you think the last place you would ever search for a romance would be in a treatment center?  What are people thinking?  It sure would be nice to double the trouble, the baggage, and the drama in my life? …


The Black Sheep Effect

    Social prejudice, sexism, racism, and other forms of and discrimination are at the core of understanding Group dynamics. Diversity makes the World a more interesting place when it comes to the many different types of people and personalities,…


Addiction and the Family

To the mothers, the fathers, the sisters, and the brothers my heart bleeds for you! When you find out that a family member suffers from addiction, you are about to go on a roller-coaster ride through Hell and hopelessness that…


The Plague of a Nation

  Another young heroin addict died tonight. Most of the other residents of Pittsburgh didn’t know him by name; perhaps they knew his cheeky smile, or his bright eyes, but they didn’t know him. The neighbors weren’t there when he…

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