Category: Behavioral Change


Drugging, drinking, and grasping at straw

The real power drugs hold is how they make the user accept magical thinking as real In the 16th century, Sir Thomas More originated the idiom ‘grasping at straws’.  In actuality, the lawyer, philosopher, and Roman Catholic saint was referring…


Can Drug Addiction Lead To Drug Dealing?

It’s time to have a frank discussion about people who sell drugs. While the national conversation is leaning towards a more humane approach to drug users, society views dealers as the scum of the earth. We continually hear stories about…


An addiction is anything you have to hide

A many-faceted challenge for families, interventionists, and other addiction pros alike is defining an addiction. We have textbook definitions. We have tests. But when it comes down to addressing the addiction with an addict in denial that he or she…


Addiction recovery’s low, low admission price: Own your $#1+!

Admission. Great noun. It means two related things when it comes to addiction recovery:  A) The right to enter, and B) a voluntary acknowledgment/concession of a fact or truth. There is no A) without B) in our family. Caveat: Most…


Recovery Beyond Abstinence: Emotional and Behavioral Sobriety

Recovery  Beyond Abstinence: Emotional and Behavioral Sobriety By Elizabeth A. Willman MS, NCC, CSAC, SAP About a month ago as I was working with a group of individuals who had just recently completed detox and was explaining the process of…


Sugar and Junk Food Play along with Abusive Addictions

Sugar and highly processed junk foods can have the same effect as drugs, alcohol, and nicotine abuse. The diet needs to be addressed to support re-establishing healthy brain pathways which will enhance long-term recovery. All addictions have one huge factor,…

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