Category: Recovering Addicts


The Great Price Gouge: Naloxone

You may remember from a few years ago, the story of Marin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, who bought the life saving drug Daraprim and then raised the price from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill. Daraprim is…


Addiction recovery’s low, low admission price: Own your $#1+!

Admission. Great noun. It means two related things when it comes to addiction recovery:  A) The right to enter, and B) a voluntary acknowledgment/concession of a fact or truth. There is no A) without B) in our family. Caveat: Most…


Drugs, Dopamine, and Synaptamine

Drugs, Dopamine, and Synaptamine Addiction isn’t an American problem; it’s a global problem. In 2008 Americans aged 18-24 had the highest rate of alcohol and drug abuse; men were more likely to have problems than women. In 2007, there were…


Krokodil Comes to the East Coast of the US

In 2002, there were reports of the flesh-eating zombie drug that was first reported in middle and eastern Siberia that then spread across Russia and the former Soviet republics.  This home-made narcotic with horrifying side effects was said to be…


Super Pill, Super Cheap, Super Deadly!

Small, white and lethal, this mystery pill that resembles a Xanax pill kills people within minutes of ingestion.  This “fake Xanax” is a mixture of Xanax and a powerful pain medication that is commonly prescribed to end of life cancer…


New Addiction Medicine Accreditations

Terrible drug epidemic Our nation is facing a terrible drug epidemic that is taking thousands of lives, and the truth is that we are not prepared to handle this crisis. There is a shortage of qualified addiction professionals and beds in treatment…

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