Category: Recovering Alcoholics


Addiction recovery’s low, low admission price: Own your $#1+!

Admission. Great noun. It means two related things when it comes to addiction recovery:  A) The right to enter, and B) a voluntary acknowledgment/concession of a fact or truth. There is no A) without B) in our family. Caveat: Most…


Sugar and Caffeine: Lethal and Deadly?

First Responders – Excessive Sugar and Caffeine Use In working with first responders when discussing the term addiction, they typically think alcohol and other street drugs. But what exactly does other drugs mean? During ride alongs, I often observe officers stopping…


New Addiction Medicine Accreditations

Terrible drug epidemic Our nation is facing a terrible drug epidemic that is taking thousands of lives, and the truth is that we are not prepared to handle this crisis. There is a shortage of qualified addiction professionals and beds in treatment…


Is Relapse an Expected Part of Recovery?

Is Relapse an Expected Part of Recovery? Have you ever heard an addiction treatment professional say, “Relapse is an expected part of recovery?” If you look in the dictionary, the word relapse is defined as to fall or slip back…


Alternative Support Groups for Addiction Recovery

  Support comes from those who have shared similar experiences Addiction is a complex disease that affects both brain and behavior, resulting in changes that linger long after substance use ceases which may explain why relapse rates among people suffering…


Alcopocalypse Now: Six signs the next 10 yrs. for alcohol biz will be like the last 20 for tobacco

Don’t be alarmed: A second-coming of Prohibition isn’t on the horizon, and alcohol manufacturers will remain profitable just as Big Tobacco remains solvent. America is driven by freedom to make choices, even when they’re unanimously unhealthy, and alcohol won’t stop…

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