Category: Recovery Coach


Alternative Therapy ~ is it for me?

Alternatives in all fields are taking center stage! Transformational Life Coaching is finding an audience with those who are dissatisfied with the medical model of mental health approaches. Transformational Life Coaching, is a step beyond traditional psychotherapy, to a higher…


Experience Recovery with a Sober Coach

For those who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, the transition from a residential treatment program into an everyday, regular routine can cause apprehension and fear. It can be very daunting to think about leaving the structure and security…


What Can a Recovery Coach Teach You?

What if you knew your loved one was slipping back into addiction or alcoholism? Would you confront the person and what would you do if they denied anything was wrong? What if you requested your loved one go back to…


Do You Need A Recovery Coach?

What is the role of a recovery coach? A recovery coach is a professional who is trained to help people who are in the process of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. This is a person who will guide and…


Important Things to Know About Recovery Coaching

About Recovery Coaching If you have been going through drug or alcohol treatment, there are some very important things to know about recovery coaching. When someone goes through treatment, recovery coaching can be the catalyst to helping them remain abstinent…


Recover in the Light – With Our Help

How would you feel if you had a drug or alcohol problem and there were no recovery programs to help you? Luckily, for those battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, help does exist in the form of Recover in…

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