Category: Recovery


Here’s Why Treatment Centers are Encouraging Clients to Practice Mindfulness

Addiction is a growing epidemic in the United States causing people to lose their jobs, families, and even their lives. Whether you or a family member is recovering from addiction to alcohol, narcotics, or prescription drugs, the journey is bound…


Can Technology Help You Remain Sober?

Whether someone just might need some encouraging words or to be talked out of picking up a drink or using drugs, having someone to instantly talk to can be extremely valuable. It’s not a secret that people have been going…


The Dangers of Nootropics

Nootropics can be extremely dangerous and after taken, the drug’s effects act quickly on the user. When a person stops taking nootropics, the withdrawal symptoms are like what a person goes through after cessation of opioids. When we hear stories…


Five Ways to Talk Yourself Out of Drinking

One of the biggest things someone with an alcohol problem tells themselves is that they can still engage in drinking alcohol and there won’t be any problems. However, there is no way someone who is addicted to alcohol can control…


Five Ways Exercise Can Help You in Recovery

It’s normal for someone to have many emotions when trying to get sober, and drinking or abusing drugs to cope with all these emotions is not an option any longer. For someone who is used to a certain level of…


How to Live with an Addict in the House

It’s not unusual for an addict to have a million excuses to deflect the true nature of what is going on in their life. Many addicted people are able to function and appear normal to their family, which is why…

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