Christian or Secular Treatment Centers, is One Better Than the Other?

Thought for the Day 12

What’s the difference between Christian treatment centers and secular treatment centers? First let’s look at Christian Treatment Centers:
Bible studies
Pastoral and or Christian counseling
Church services
Praying and meditating
Use God as Higher Power
Teach from scripture
Some use the twelve steps
Now let’s compare secular programs:
Teach “Higher Power” of client’s understanding
Don’t usually offer church services
May use meditation, not usually prayer
Secular counselors
Teach from textbooks
Most don’t use the twelve steps
Is one form of treatment more effective than the other? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no.  The truth is, each program’s effectiveness is determined by the individual program and the staff at that particular program.  Quality comes from those caring individuals and the team concept at each treatment center no matter secular or Christian.  Some treatment centers have both a Christian and secular tracts. It seems a major factor to the success rate of any program is aftercare planning and follow-up.  Long-term aftercare for one to five years shows excellent results according to the latest research.
Remember that there are both good and bad secular and Christian programs.  Just because you see the title “Christian does not automatically mean that the facility and the owner or operators are on the up and up.  Some individuals are only interested in lining their pockets with client’s hard-earned cash, or the insurance money. Do you due diligence to find a good program for yourself or your loved one.  What to look for:
How long has the facility been in operation?
Do they have any video or written testimonies?
What are the credentials of their staff?
What is the success rate of the program and how did they figure their success rate?
What is their daily schedule?
Do they have a program for the family?
Are they both Christian and secular?
Are they non-abrasive, not forcing religion on clients?
What are the beliefs and teachings of the program and facility?
Is there a former client that you can talk to?
Can you tour the facility?
What are their visiting and phone policies?
Does the facility do drug screening?
What are the rules, regulations, policies, and expectations at the facility?
Has the facility had a problem with people using drugs or alcohol at the facility?
What is the facility’s policy if someone relapses while in the program?
Does the facility get a lot of court mandated clients?

The above-listed questions should give you a good idea what any Christion or secular addiction treatment center is all about.  You should be comfortable in making a choice for yourself or a loved one to attend any program or facility.  I have found that some of the best facilities offer a choice of, or the best of both worlds, both Christian, and secular treatment programs.
“Meditation and scriptures transform our lives.” – Lailah Gifty Akita
I hope this has been helpful and informative to you in any decision making that you will need to do, today and in the future.  May you walk in the sunlight of the spirit as you journey the road less traveled in recovery.
Best of life,
Rev. Kev.
Editor in Chief
Addicted Minds & Associates