Christian Recovery Coaching Model

Christian Recovery Coaching Model having Success

Christian recovery coaching Model is a new addiction recovery model within the faith-based program in certain Christian facilities and treatment centers.

Modern faith-based Christian recovery programs are setting up Christian recovery coaching programs.  There are two different types of Christian recovery coaches: Christian family recovery coaches work with the families of substance abusers, and Christian recovery coaches work with the substance abusers. The Christian recovery coach and family recovery coach are highly trained, skilled, and ethical professionals. Christian addiction recovery coaching is results and client driven, interactive way of helping clients to get the support needed in early recovery to reach long-term goals for lasting sobriety and quality life. Utilizing resources and techniques the coach’s goal is to find out what works best for clients so they can be successful.  God has created people to be spiritual beings having a human experience and not human beings having a spiritual experience.  “Trust is everything,” Clients learn how to replace fear with faith, anger with forgiveness, and the best kept secret of all: love heals all things.  God is love. The family recovery coach supports the family of substance abusers and those with other addictions and helps the family to achieve their goals and become informed.

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Christian recovery coaching Model – Program

Have you ever heard a thirty-seven-year-old man say that he started using drugs or alcohol when he was a teenager, and he feels like he is by the way he thinks?  He’s probably closer to right than he realizes; that emotional immaturity is real his emotional growth was stunted.

The beauty of twelve step programs is the second step is the solution to the problem which is defined in step one.  In the simplest form, the problem is lack of power. The problem defines the solution, so the solution must be power.  We know that power is God!  However, we don’t dictate what modality the client is using.  We have to be open- minded even if we don’t buy into individual modalities.

Christian recovery coaches can help clients find their Christian life purpose and set and achieve Bible-based goals. Self-knowledge, knowledge of recovery pathways, key concepts, their life’s experience in their walk, values of integrity and honesty, qualities, assertiveness, commitment, open-mindedness, empathy, compassion, humility, humor, boundaries, will all be blessings to both Christian recovery coaches and their clients.

The coach’s skill sets of communication skills such as listening, paraphrasing, being aware of body language, tones, and inflections, powerful questioning, building relationships, setting a foundation, managing progress, reading, writing, fellowshipping, practicing patience, persistence, problem-solving, holding out hope and building on motivation, recognizing limitations, public speaking/advocacy, relationship building, detaching, empowering, discernment, grow with time and experience.

Christian recovery coaching Model – Pioneer in its field

The programs that have started utilizing recovery coaching models are truly pioneers in their industry.  The results have already been phenomenal!  When you take a faith-based Christian program and then add these excellent professional Christian recovery coaches to the equation, it’s a win, win for everyone.
Goals of Christian Recovery Coach

    New Healthy Activities/ Service Work.

    Assist the client in Sobriety.

    Continued Growth.

    Celebrate the Victories! (God’s Grace).

    Encourage getting client involved in church again.

    Avoid Isolation/ Encourage Bible Studies & Groups.

    Assist at Work

    Get the client through the stressful event.

    Community Involvement.

    Daily Sober Activities/ Creativity (God’s Gifting).

    Help the client with breakthroughs when they’re stuck.

    Help the client to live a God-centered life.

    Help client to get spirit centered through recovery.

    Help client to stop sinning.

    Prayer and Meditation.

    Teach Life Skills.

    Fitness and Nutrition.

    Balance/ Healthy Relationships.

    Stressors.

    Sobriety/ Sober Activities.

There are several faith-based Christian recovery coaching model programs around the country. If you or someone you know has an addiction problem and want to get help and are interested in this type of program, please contact us today.

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