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Does Your Family Need Intervention Services

What is the true purpose of an intervention?

The goal of intervention services is to help the family of an addict convince the person to seek professional help. Because the behavior of an addict not only wrecks their life, but also impacts the family, sometimes outside help is the answer. Most addicts cling to the belief they can get better or stop using or drinking on their own, but this is not often the case.

Sadly, because addicts can’t see reality and have unrealistic expectations, sometimes hiring an interventionist is the last resort for their family.

An addict will remain using or drinking, and often break promises to stop or cut back. However, no matter how hard an addicted person may try to quit, it doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not as easy as just walking away.

A family will often seek out the services of an interventionist for their loved one when their own efforts to address the problem have failed or because they can’t approach the addict at all without anger and resentment. Addicts will say whatever is needed to deny their addiction, claim it’s not a problem or refuse to admit the need for help, no matter how bad things become. It’s in situations such as these that the services of a professional interventionist are often a life-saver.

Hosting an intervention takes place in many steps and it is complicated and very lengthy. Most families shouldn’t try to confront the addict on their own because it will lead to resentment, defensiveness, unpredictable behavior and in some cases, it can turn violent.

Find the Help You Need!

To safely reach your loved one and make a difference in their life, you must give serious thought to hiring an interventionist.

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