opiate addiction treatment

What to Expect at a Suboxone Clinic

All types of opiate use will expose you to the risk of becoming addicted and if you have a problem with these drugs, it needs to be addressed immediately. Treatment for opiate dependence is often needed because it is very difficult to beat it on your own.

A person dealing with an addiction issue needs guidance in order to do the following things:

· Understand the reasons behind why the addiction came about.
· Learn alternatives which can help someone change their habits.
· Learn and implement healthy lifestyle choices.

Receiving suboxone treatment gives someone access to professional addiction specialists who are trained to deal with all the problems and issues they suffer from.

Suboxone is the brand name of a medication which combines buprenorphine and naloxone, which is used for treating severe opiate addiction. Suboxone rehab is different for everyone, but most people will go through a similar process while being treated with the medication.

You will go through a drug screening and evaluation before being prescribed suboxone. Doctors typically recommend tapering off of opiates, so normally a person will be given suboxone to make withdrawal easier and the dose will be adjusted as needed.

Most suboxone treatment clinics offer psychological treatment which includes behavioral therapy and group counseling, it helps somebody learn how to cope with their addiction and overcome it.

For everyone contemplating suboxone treatment, the question of what to expect is common. You will sit down with a counselor or addiction specialist and create a list of goals that you wish to achieve during treatment. Creating a list of goals for after treatment is called an exit plan and it gives a person something to focus on and work towards.

If medication-assisted treatment might not be something you’ve thought of before or maybe you don’t think it will work, you should reconsider. We are available to assist you 844-285-0197