Faith Based Addiction Recovery Coaching Model Program

Faith Based Addiction Recovery Coaching Model Program

In the little Town of Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, in The Poconos, is a Faith Based Addiction Recovery Coaching model program.  New Beginning Ministry was founded in 1997 to help substance abusers and alcoholics to heal body, mind, and spirit.  The ministry is based on spiritual principals that teach a person who doesn’t know how to live a balanced, clean, and sober live, how to live one.

Faith Based Addiction Recovery Coaching

Faith Based Addiction Recovery Coaching – New Beginning

New Beginning takes a Faith Based Addiction Recovery Coaching approach to addiction recovery and adds a recovery coaching model to the program.  For two decades the ministry has helped thousands of individuals and their families to overcome the deadly grip of addiction. Now they have added the tremendous tool of recovery coaching and family recovery coaching to aid in the recovery process.  The miracle in the Poconos just became stronger!

Originally the program was modeled after a program that the co-founder of AA had started called the Ministry of the High Watch.  There are no doctors or nurses in this non-medical facility; they believe the real experts on addiction and recovery are those who have long-term recovery. Guests with dual-diagnosis can be seen by external doctors when needed.  All guests have to be medically cleared and detoxified prior to coming to the ministry; at least 72-hours drug and alcohol-free.

Faith Based Addiction Recovery Coaching

Faith Based Addiction Recovery Coaching – 12 Step Program

Guests all have the option of working with both a twelve-step sponsor and a certified recovery coach.  Their loved ones can talk with a certified family recovery coach if they choose to do so as well.  These recovery coaches are highly trained and skilled individuals who have gone through rigorous training and now have skill sets, tools, and core competencies that allow them to help the guests reach positive solutions. Recovery coaching has been an excellent addition to the faith-based, twelve-step program at the ministry.

New Beginning functions like a large recovering family in a positive, nurturing environment.  Guests are given responsibilities and held accountable for their own recovery.  The schedule is a very balanced and structured day.  It has a feel of summer camp in a bed and breakfast setting for recovery.  It feels like home.

New Beginning Ministry has been helping to change and save lives for the past 19 years.  They are a nonprofit 501-c3 ministry. The cost is very affordable compared to other programs.  The program is for adult men and women age eighteen and over.  They usually have immediate placement.

Faith Based Addiction Recovery Coaching – Get Help Today

If you or someone that you know needs help for an addiction problem, give the Faith Based Addiction Recovery Coaching ministry a call at 570-729-8709.  You will be glad that you did.  Best of life.
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