Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers

Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers

Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers Must Properly Address the Spiritual Crisis and Accompanying Needs of Substance Abusers. A common thread that those suffering from active addiction all know is hopelessness; in some cases, life may lose all meaning and purpose.  Addicts feel powerless like God has abandoned them, they feel think that they are hopeless and alone.  They are angry at themselves, angry at God, angry at society, and everyone who they think has hurt and failed them.  Trust becomes a major factor in early recovery if any change and healing are to take place.

Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers


Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers – Challenges

The challenge for Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers programs is to find the right balance of structure, unconditional love, accountability, honesty, and responsibility that will lead to open-mindedness, willingness, and motivation to heal.  There cannot be any form of manipulation, or coercive interaction, any forcing of belief systems.
Statistics have shown that Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers recovery programs and treatment centers are helping people overcome their addictions and are a popular option for those wishing to strengthen physical, emotional and spiritual health. As a Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers program, Gracious Care Recovery Solutions in Deerfield Beach, Florida has had tremendous success with clients. Another important aspect of Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers is fellowship with others in recovery; the camaraderie and shared experiences provide constant support and reassurance that long-term sobriety is a realistic possibility.
A Special Place to Heal: Gracious Care Recovery Solutions is family oriented, a quaint 13-bed facility that succeeds where larger programs have failed, giving individualized attention to clients.  They have a very positive, nurturing environment that promotes healing for both the family and the client.
They are a Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers facility founded upon the belief in, God works to provide a safe, nurturing and structured environment to assist clients in living the healthiest life possible. They believe that addiction is a three-fold disease: physical, spiritual, and psychological.  Their treatments focus on healing each of these three areas by using the latest in cutting-edge approaches available.  Their purpose is to serve God and fellow man, and strengthen their relationship with God through teaching and leading others down brighter and more enlightened paths.

Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers – Relaxation

Residing in Relaxation: The facility’s belief is that clients should be completely comfortable in their surroundings to achieve a successful recovery.  Their cozy, fully-furnished transitional living private homes offer a sense of tranquility.  Truly a welcoming feeling of home, where clients can relax after a long day, read on the couch, cook dinner, or drift off in their comfortable bed.
Tranquility at Daily Reprieve: The facility offers a wonderful affiliate Christian and Recovery bookstore, Daily Reprieve on campus.  In addition to a variety of books, jewelry, organic homemade body products, home décor, and candles, it’s a tranquil place to relax, read, and reflect on life and the future.  Reading in their nook is encouraged.

The staff uses the Basic Texts of AA and NA, The Adult Treatment and Therapy Homework Planners, The Recovery Minded Church: loving and ministering to people with addictions, and several other books to aid in the recovery process.
Workshops and Meetings: Professional Recovery Coaches and those in long-term recovery or peer mentors are used as group or workshop facilitators at times.  It’s up to each client if they want to work with recovery coaches. Professional therapists conduct one on one sessions.

Lifelong Care Built for each client on an individual basis.  The facility offers a range of programs to ensure that each is provided with the exact treatment that right for their given situation.  Every individual is unique, their story, their struggles, and their goals; the facility’s full array of programs reflects that individuality. The caring staff at Gracious Care Recovery walks clients through every step of the recovery process.  Once a client enters their doors, they are forever part of the Gracious Care family.

Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers – Getting Help

COO Michael Way and his Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers staff have found just the right mix of being able to address the spiritual crisis of clients and their needs.  Mike says, “Everyone has the right to recover; there’s a key for every lock!” Utilizing the twelve-step-process and a Higher Power, clients can get a solid foundation of recovery through understanding the problem of addiction, the solution to addiction, and the program of action to overcome the disease.

If you or a loved one or friend needs help with substance abuse or process addictions; you can contact Gracious Care Recovery Solutions at (844)-735-5720 or visit their Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers website at

Faith Based Christian Treatment Centers
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