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Free Heroin Samples Linked to a Slew of Overdoses in Chicago

A bunch of heroin samples led to an abundance of overdoses in the city of Chicago, Illinois over the 4th of July weekend. According to local news reports there is a person of interest in the case, but no arrests have been made. The suspect allegedly drove through the South Side of Chicago in a late model Chevy Impala and handed out the drug near 79th and East End, according to NBC Chicago.

Eight individuals were hospitalized due to using the bad samples of heroin. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson stated, “They all passed out as a result of taking the bag.” A woman was taken into police custody and police officials are still hunting for the male driver who caused the overdoses.

Police officials didn’t offer up any other information as to whether any contaminant such as fentanyl or carfentanil could have been behind the overdoses, and it’s still unclear as to why the man handed out the samples.

Betty Ford executive director stated, “Sometimes dealers will use the strategy of giving some to people who find them, but to actually drive around and solicit people to take free samples, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that before.”

Superintendent Johnson further stated, “It’s not common to see that many drug overdoses so quickly, so that’s what brought it to our attention.”

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Some people living in the area said they weren’t surprised or shocked about the multitude of overdoses.

One resident told new officials, “Being in this neighborhood with that going on, man it’s like there’s no hope. We just continue to live here but at the end of the day, yeah I want better. I want a nice home. Yeah, I want to be in the suburbs. But at the current pay rate, I can’t do it. So I keep my baby boy out of the street and I stay out of the streets.”

The rash of overdoses came in the wake of several drug, traffic and anti-violence sweeps over the holiday weekend in select parts of the city.

The police made 32 felony drug and gun arrests, issued 3 traffic citations, and 20 violations for party buses. Police seized at least 78 guns across the city and three of the weapons were from a Friday evening shooting at Near West Side’s United Center.

In closing, Johnson stated, “Again, this speaks to the ridiculous culture here in Chicago where individuals are settling arguments with senseless gun violence.”

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