Addiction: Getting to the Root

Yesterday I saw an article titled “Pain is the Root of Addiction” but nothing is further from the truth than this and I can’t just sit back and be silent about it. My passion comes from waking up after years of living the lie that so many people teach about addiction. The root of addiction has nothing to do with pain, it may seem like it does, but pain is only an outer manifestation, a symptom, it’s not the root. This isn’t from a book and it goes against what most people are taught about addiction, but finding the true root of addiction isn’t being addressed in today’s society, so the lies continue to be spread and people continue to die. No one is to blame for this because people can only teach what they are taught, but what was revealed to me isn’t from a book, it’s from my direct experience, and it’s different than the conventional way of looking at addiction.

First and foremost everyone is an addict, the only difference is in what’s used. Who can truly say they don’t reach for something, it’s just that the only substances addressed are the glaring destructive ones. Who can honestly state that they don’t have a dependencies of some sort on something to make themselves feel different; success is even used in this way, I know because it’s what kept me in bondage to the lies for many years. To get to the true root of addiction one needs to find out why there’s a need to reach for something to begin with. I don’t mean the something to be what’s on the surface, like pain, I mean to look deeply within at what’s at the core of the reaching. Pain is caused by something and that cause is what needs to be addressed. I get what is said, a person uses heroin or commits suicide because they’re in pain, but the real question to ask is why are they in pain. I never went to school to learn this, but I would challenge anyone to discard what I’m saying. One may discard it, but without first investigating what’s written, that would only be because of ignorance. I’m not a know it all by any means, but I know what I know and until people can get beyond what the books say and investigate the true root of the reaching itself, nothing is going to change. In most cases therapy, counseling, and coaching are a waste of time because although what happened in the past may be exposed, the past is only used by one’s Conditioned Mind to justify using something to change the way that one feels now. What does what happened even five minutes ago have to do with what’s occurring right now? Nothing, unless one’s Conditioned Mind makes it so.

The Conditioned Mind is at the root of why a person has a need to reach for anything. Today the need to reach for something to alter my state of being is non existent. It’s not because I don’t experience pain or that I don’t have a past, it’s because those things aren’t needed to live my life right now. The delusion that they’re needed has been exposed and they are no longer a part of my conditioning, so without them being a part of my conditioning, they’re not a part of my life. If the way one is conditioned to hold onto the delusions in place isn’t exposed, the conditioning will remain in place and so will the need to reach for something. This conditioning is a part of everyone, not just the labeled addict. From suicide bombers, to obesity, gambling, sex, pain, and whatever story the Conditioned Mind conjures up, if a practice of allowing the mind to settle isn’t incorporated into one’s life, the true nature of why something is reached for will never be revealed. And what this means is the addictive behavior of society as a whole will remain in place and the lies will continue to be taught on how to handle addiction by the so called book knowledge experts; the experts that don’t seem to have a clue about the root of addiction. Why do I say this? Because look at the failure rate of those who try to recover via rehab and 12 Step Programs, but society keeps trying to put a square peg in a round hole and people keep dying because of it. It’s time to implement a new approach to stop the addiction epidemic of the entire planet and to also stop trying to win a war with the antiquated tools that have had very unfavorable results because the root cause of why there’s a need to reach for something to begin with isn’t being addressed. It’s Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts