Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

Going to a detox center may be the first step towards recovery

For some people, the opportunity to become clean and sober from drug or alcohol addiction is best left to medical professionals Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be quite dangerous and a medically assisted detox center can reduce withdrawal symptoms and ensure it is done safely. While a person is in a detox program, he or she will be kept comfortable while the toxins of drugs and alcohol leave their body.

It may take days or even several weeks for someone to get completely through withdrawal symptoms, but it’s not impossible with the right help.

Can Somebody Detox on Their Own?

Choosing to go through detox and withdrawal symptoms on your own can be very painful and even deadly. Quitting drugs or alcohol “cold turkey” or without the proper medical supervision can lead to severe dehydration, seizures and possible respiratory complications. There are inpatient and outpatient detoxification centers that can help you, so please don’t do it on your own and put yourself in unnecessary danger.

What is the Process of Detoxification Like?

Everyone has different needs as they go through detoxing. Drug detox requires different treatment than someone who goes through alcohol detox, which is why medical supervision and monitoring is imperative to the safety of the situation. A medical team in detox centers will screen any incoming patients to measure the amount of drugs or alcohol in their body. In addition, a medical and psychological evaluation is performed to find out if a person has dual diagnosis or any other type of mental health issue that requires attention and treatment.

Going through detoxification from drugs and alcohol all on your own can be an extremely difficult endeavor and it can end badly. If you wish to find out more information about detox services and don’t know where to begin looking, please call one of our reviewed and approved detox centers today.