How We Create ADD and The 7 Keys to Reverse It part 2 of 2

The 7 Keys were designed to systematically address each element causing these disturbances. The protocols contained in the program help you re-assemble yourself to become calm, focused and re-connected in an empowered way. The 7 Keys for Attention Development app is designed so that I personally direct you in using the tools most appropriate for you at the time to become calm, focused, centered and connected in an empowering way to handle whatever you are facing. The online program is a complete step-by-step guide to assist you in retraining your brain for greater self-mastery and attention development. Here are a few examples of the program’s daily protocols and phenomenological insights.

Key 1: Create a Calm Presence

Take a moment, sit up straight, close your eyes and feel your body as you take eight to ten slow inhalations through your nose counting to six with even slower exhalations counting to eight. Hold the breath in between for two to four seconds. This will help you activate the parasympathetic nervous system to quickly lower blood sugar and adrenaline levels. Within a few minutes you will begin to feel calm.

Key 2: Foster a Positive Attitude

Recognize the thoughts currently entering your mind, and allow them to slip away without judgment. Fill your mind instead with positive affirmations. Get in touch with the feeling of gratitude and compassion. You can do this kind of mental scanning and reprogramming at any point when you may feel distress.

Key 3: Feel Centered and Grounded

Feeling grounded in the body helps you feel centered and empowered. As the body is the unconscious mind, it is essential whatever positive affirmation you repeat mentally you embody physically. Any contradiction between thought and embodiment creates confusions and weakens you instead of strengthening you.

Key 4: Feel Alert and Energized

A sedentary lifestyle can be toxic to your body and mind. Getting active enhances circulation, deepens breathing and activates the lymphatic system that expels dangerous toxins from the body. This is especially important today due to the enormous number of pollutants in the air and additives in our food. This key will improve the circulation vital to access the energy needed to successfully focus and stay on task. This takes your positive thoughts and embodiments and puts them into action. This is to be done with a strong emotional content to launch your thoughts into form. Move, be active and put yourself into action.

Key 5: Become Attentive and Focused

This key is about harnessing the ability to direct your attention to whatever you choose, allowing you to communicate effectively and feel more in control of your life You learn to find an inner stillness and have the ability to make connecting choices; this helps break old distracting habit patterns.

Key 6: Be Open and Connected

Feeling open and connected will restore an inner sense of balance, peace and connection. This Key revitalizes many areas of life by releasing pent up grievances through forgiveness at all four levels. You learn healthy ways to express and release yourself of frustration, rage, and anger to put yourself back in control of your emotions. This cleansing reignites your flames of passion and the joy of joining together with others towards mutual goals. You quickly become more comfortable seeing yourself in the bigger picture in the adventure of living.

 Key 7: Feel Strong, Purposeful, and Well Nourished

This key helps you be purposeful in what you are doing and how to take excellent care of yourself to feel you are contributing to a meaningful existence while being energized, rested, and fit. This takes you beyond just getting a good night’s sleep and eating healthy food. The body, mind and spirit’s needs are cared for with the fortitude to handle the different tides, currents and waves in the ocean of life while having fun and meaning in all you do.

Research studies have shown that with 40 days of consistent behavior old habits can be broken and new ones established. This can work for being more focused and aware, establishing new exercise routines, eating a healthier diet, or taking time each day for self-care. Research has also shown that when there is accountability with a on going coaching relationship it can improve the results normally achieved by up to 300%. The program gives you the choice to have a coach or not.

It was on this basis I created The It is a  series of four 21 day online interactive personal growth and development experience. The 7 Keys for Attention Development provides weekly five daily training regimes that explains and directs your practice of the essential elements that work to enhance attentiveness, clarity and self-management. It is designed to share evidence based knowledge and tools so that you will become more attentive, relaxed, connected, and in control of your mental and emotional state. Application of the tools of the 7 Keys will enhance your ability to function successfully in your work life, academic pursuits or relationships. Additionally there is one day a week of an online training session that participants attend and can chat directly with Brian or his trainers.

Participant’s activities are tracked to ensure they are making good progress and maintaining momentum to keep moving forward. One day a week is an integration day for participants to allow the weekly training to “simmer”. Participants receive three daily reminders through their smart phone or email to help integrate what is being learned in all aspects of their life.

In the first two 21 day programs participants learn the foundational elements and tools for attention development, self-management and stress release. This is followed by an additional 42 days of integration as these tools and strategies are turned into new habits. In just 12 weeks, participants can establish a fulfilling practice of the tools of the 7 Keys that will give you a lifetime of rewards to help meet the goals you have established to improve your abilities to focus, relate and feel good!


About the Author: Brian Sheen Ph.D.

Over the past forty years Brian has used his knowledge of the spirit-mind connection to help thousands of individuals heal from their attention deficiencies and disorders. He is the Founder of the Florida Institute of Complementarity and Alterative Medicine (FICAM) and the author of eight books on Self Improvement. He has a created a program using the 7 Keys presented here, which are guaranteed to reduce and eliminate attention disorders. You can find Brian’s full program at, or download the App from the Apple Store. The book, The 7 Keys For Attention Development is available at  Follow the 7 Keys on

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