Why is Spirituality so important in recovery?

If addiction is a disorder of the brain, why does faith and spirituality play such an important role in the recovery process? 

Many people go through a traumatic experience or have damage from a bad childhood and as a result, they turn to drugs or alcohol in adulthood to cope with the unresolved pain. Searching for ways to cope, drugs and alcohol offer an escape from pain, insecurities, trauma and low self-esteem. Some things are just too painful to deal with and as someone numbs themselves repeatedly using substance abuse as an escape mechanism, the situation spirals out of control.

People who have a substance abuse problem will pay a high price for their choices and it may cost them everything and everyone they hold dear. When chemical dependence happens, not only does the person have an addiction issue to deal with, they become someone their loved ones don’t recognize. Being dependent on drugs or alcohol sets up a cycle of seeking the next high or drink and nothing will prevent the addict from scoring what they need.

Addiction is more than just a physical condition of an uncontrollable craving for alcohol or drugs. Addiction not only hurts the addict, but also hurts the people who love the person. People suffering from addiction will feel its effects physically, emotionally and spiritually, which is why these components are important to address during the treatment process.

As an addict, a person is broken inside and outside, they can become clean and repair the way they feel, but spiritually an individual may still need help. People are meant to have deep and loving relationships with one another, to serve their families and communities, and be connected to something greater than themselves. For a spiritual problem, a spiritual remedy is needed.

For true healing to occur in someone with an addiction, it is going to require more than a person observing abstinence. A person needs time to heal and this involves changing their way of thinking, the group of friends they associate with and through spiritual treatment, these things can happen.

When someone is interested in total healing from a spiritual nature, it is possible to find a treatment program which provides what is needed. Through the process of allowing a higher power to guide you, you can become connected with a loving force that will give you the ability to make the changes you need to become a healthier, happier and substance-free you.
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