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Lexington KY Interventionists – Thought for the Day 21

It’s hard to find Lexington KY Interventionists. I was talking with an acquaintance in Lexington Kentucky the other day about being a professional interventionist and interventions. He has been a professional interventionist for the past twenty years; he has also worked in several treatment centers, IOPs, and outpatient centers for addiction treatment.  We talked for almost three hours about the state of the nation’s drug epidemic, treatment, and interventions, especially about Lexington KY Interventionists.

It seems that the Lexington area is being hard hit by the opioid epidemic that is stealing the soles of our young, and taking a life every few minutes.  The problem is not only heroin, but Suboxone, and Subutex, and designer drugs are being sold on the streets and in the prisons.  People young and old, wealthy and poor, educated and illiterate, black and white, yellow and red are all falling from these drugs.  Individuals are becoming sick, homeless, desperate, and dying, all to chase a high!

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Lexington KY Interventionists – Who Are They?

There are numerous Lexington KY Interventionists in the Lexington, Kentucky area, they are very much like the people that you see on the television show about interventions.  When a family has a person who needs help for an addiction problem, and the person refuses to listen to friends and family, there are not many choices left on what action to take.  If a substance abuser refuses treatment, a professional interventionist can be called in to help.
Lexington KY Interventionists are highly trained and skilled professionals who know how to deal with stressful situations and clients.  When a substance abuser is in denial, the interventionist has methods to help them to see the truth; to help them to have a moment of clarity so that they are willing to go into treatment and get the help they so desperately need.

The most popular model of intervention is called the Johnson Model or Surprise Model or Intervention; according to this model, the substance abuser has so thoroughly and involuntarily surrounded themselves with excuses that they are not able to see the truth about the devastation of their behavior. The Lexington KY Interventionists’ job is to guide the addict’s friends and family to bring the person to a fork in the road.

Lexington KY Interventionists – Steps To Follow

The steps to an intervention are as follows:
The family finds a professional Lexington KY Interventionists.
The family and friends research addiction and its effects on their loved one.
The group examines and selects appropriate treatment options.
The group informs the substance abuser that they believe that the person needs help.
The group presents the individual with a choice: seek recovery, or live without their support.
The Lexington KY Interventionists usually prepares the group the day before at a pre-intervention.
The group all writes “Love-letters” to the substance abuser explaining how their addiction is effecting their life and the action that will be taken if they don’t seek treatment.
The actual Intervention is usually done the next day; the substance abuser will have no idea that they are going to an intervention.
If the abuser is willing to go to treatment, they go directly from the intervention to treatment.
The Lexington KY Interventionists is in charge and leads the intervention.

There are many models of intervention, and many training schools for individuals to learn the art of becoming a professional interventionist.  One popular training academy for interventionists is The Addictions Academy of Miami, Florida where Dr. Cali Estes Ph.D. originated the R.A.A.D. Model of Intervention, one of the more popular and successful models today.

Lexington KY Interventionists – Let us help You.

Ironically, both my friend from Lexington and I use the R.A.A.D. model of intervention in most cases; however, we were both originally trained on the Johnson Model.  He has been busier this year with interventions in Kentucky than he has in the last five years combined. It takes a special kind of person to be an interventionist; they aren’t easy to do!
Lexington is fortunate to have some very talented interventionists living right in the state.  These caring individuals are helping to change and save lives every day.  They truly are a special breed of human being.  Thank you to all of the Lexington KY Interventionists and around the nation.


Best of life,
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