Lexington Narcotics “Narco” Story Peter Lorre?

Lexington Narcotics

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Lexington Narcotics epidemic.. Just outside Lexington, Kentucky stood the United States Narcotic Farm from 1935 until 1975, anyone who was arrested on a drug charge was sent to this combination federal prison, treatment center, research laboratory, and farm.  This institution was designed to rehabilitate addicts and find the cure for drug addiction.

Lexington Narcotics – “Narco” Peter Lorre

The locals called the institution “Narco.” There is a book and documentary titled, The Narcotic Farm, based on the institution. Narco was the premier center for addiction research and treatment.  There were advancements made in everything from the use of methadone to treat heroin detoxification withdrawals, to drugs that blocked the action of opiates.

Over its years of operation, the center was known to have some famous inmates such as legendary jazz musicians Chet Baker and Sonny Rollins, actor Peter Lorre, and beat generation writer William S. Burroughs.  Burroughs wrote about his “Narco” experience in his novel, Junkie.
Lexington Narcotics Narco Story Peter Lorre Narcotics Farm Lexington KentuckyThe Farm experimented with LSD during their research to solve the drug addiction problem in the United States. Accomplishments by Narco remain milestones in addiction science and treatment.  Perhaps the most significant contribution by the Farm is how it transformed the way society views addicts today. Associate Professor Nancy Campbell of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute said, “as people suffering from a chronic, relapsing disorder that affects public health.”

Narco closed their doors due to centralized forms of institutional care that were supplanted by a national network of local treatment centers in 1975. Since the farm’s closing there have been tremendous advances in addiction medicine, medication management, residential treatment, detoxification, outpatient care, aftercare, professional recovery coaching, therapy and counseling, case management, support groups, neuroscience, the definition of addiction, and so much more.

Lexington Narcotics Drug Problem

There is a significant drug problem in the Lexington area; however, there is an epidemic across the United States.  Local Government, cities, towns, states and the federal government are all working toward solutions to end this deadly disease that is killing our children and stealing their souls.  Lexington has a remarkable amount of treatment centers, therapists, counselors, outpatient centers, professional interventionists, recovery coaches and other addiction recovery professionals to help solve the problem.

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