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Is Medication-assisted Treatment The Answer?

Living in Middletown NJ and suffering from an opiate addiction means a person must receive some type of professional help in order to become clean and sober. For many individuals with an addiction to opiates, the thought of going into a professional long-term opiate addiction treatment program is not a possibility due to life and other responsibilities. A much better option for someone who cannot devote an indefinite amount of time to inpatient care, is going to a suboxone doctor to receive medically assisted drug treatment.

In 2000, a law was passed in the United States that allows a physician to apply for a waiver or special permission to prescribe suboxone which is used for treating opiate addiction from a doctor’s office. One a physician who has a special DEA license can legally prescribe suboxone. These doctors are given a special DEA number to be used only for prescribing suboxone.

Can Suboxone be Abused?

Yes, it is possible for suboxone to be abused which is why it must be prescribed by a licensed physician. As a schedule III medication, it means the DEA rates the abuse potential for suboxone relatively high. Doctors who wish to prescribe suboxone must prove they have the training and knowledge needed to prescribe it safely. The DEA requires the physician to take an 8-hour course about the nature of opiate addiction, the pharmacology of the medication and how to administer it safely.

What is the Cost of Visiting a Suboxone Doctor?

The cost to visit a suboxone doctor in Middletown NJ can vary according to location and what services are provided at the office. Usually, an initial visit may include the beginning of a complete medical and addiction history, a physical examination and possibly urine and blood work.

A session with a drug addiction counselor may be in order and it might be a required part of the visit. Be sure to inquire about what types of services are offered and if the doctor accepts insurance.

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How Can You Find a Suboxone Doctor in Middletown NJ?

We have helped countless numbers of people get into contact with a licensed suboxone doctor and we can help you too.

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