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N.A.P.D: Stengthening and Supporting Those in Recovery

Never Alone Principle Defenders International Outreach, Inc. or N.A.P.D., is an organization of recovering men and women who have come together to promote socialization without the use of alcohol or drugs. The organization helps those battling with substance abuse in many ways.
The group provides transportation to meetings and recovery events, information on dates and times of meetings, treatment center referrals and it gives members the ability to socialize and have fun, while promoting the importance of abstinence.
N.A.P.D. is not support, endorsed or facilitated by Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous. The only tie the group has to these organizations is supporting its members regularly attending 12-step meetings.

What Can You Expect at a 12-Step Meeting?

Are you completely clueless about what happens at a 12-step meeting? Your only exposure to a 12-step meeting may have been through what you’ve seen on television or in the movies. However, what actually happens in reality is probably much different than what you’ve perceived.

a 12-step meeting a person is surrounded by other “helpful” alcoholics in recovery. A person will have to stand up and acknowledge he or she is an alcoholic/addict and share the story behind what led to their addiction. Sharing your story with others helps promote bonding and lets the individual know they are not alone.

Other important revelations will occur during a 12-step meeting and consulting with a sober coach can give you a better idea of what you can expect to happen. Located in Austin, Minnesota, N.A.P.D believes in changing someone’s life one step at a time through encouragement, support, guidance and balance.

Get Help Right Now:

If you are someone personally dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol and you wish to change the course of your future, we can help you do that.

Outpatient Addiction treamtentPlease contact N.A.P.D right now. You can find out more information about our services and discover a better life is waiting for you