There’s No I in Love

Want and desire are the mechanisms used by I to keep one in its grip and although there’s nothing inherently wrong with want and desire, when it’s sought after by I it will never bring the lasting satisfaction that’s pursued.
Never under estimate the power of I. It’s the cunningest foe that one will ever be up against. It knows you better then you know yourself. It has been controlling you far to long and it will use every trick in the book to keep you under its control. It will make you believe you’re in control, but upon further investigation you will see how little control you really have over life. Life happens without permission and so does one’s I lead reactions.
Another way the I controls is it doesn’t allow a person to be humble—so it blocks one from being in cooperation with Universal Love. This keeps one absorbed in a self-centered perspective— a perspective that stems from the development of I from childhood: an example of this would be when someone or something hurts you and you vow to never let that happen again, where does this vow originate from?  From I, it tries to protect you from ever being hurt, but it winds up causing more hurt than what was originally experienced. This happens because I’s fuel which is stored energy, does not allow the processing of truth which in turn creates a lack of humility. It’s impossible for an I and humility to co-exist in the same moment; there’s usually fluctuations between the two.
When we lack humility as an operative force in our life, we’re constantly trying to create a world that is based in a relative reality (it’s only real to us) instead of a reality based in what’s actually occurring. We create a world of coping instead of truly living. These coping mechanisms are developed by I to deal with what happens in life. This is how the I survives; it actually makes one believe there’s humility in their life. It’s how I has evolved, it does all this automatically.
It doesn’t take much influence to be this way because of all the mechanisms in place that promote I and why this is a problem is because in one form or another it’s like this for everyone; a society run by I is not truly a society because of the way I isolates. Make no mistake, this is allowed only because of ignorance; mostly a person doesn’t even know I is in control. It’s our I that wants to keep us in this ignorance and keep us from being humble, and it will do anything from having this truth exposed.
When we see people who seem to have that special gleam in their eyes, it’s not because of being special; we are all created by the same Creative Intelligence of the Universe, it’s because they have learned the truth of existence and they understand it has nothing to do with anything that they do: “Of myself I am nothing, the father doeth the work.” They have learned to let go of their human attachments “I” and are free to be at one with Universal Love. It doesn’t mean they’re not human, on the contrary even if one becomes enlightened they’re still human, it’s just that there’s an understanding of this truth and this is what allows one to be humble. Our human form is the manifestation of our existence, our issues arises when we start believing we are this form instead of being spiritual and that belief is solidified by one’s I. When it’s learned to discipline one’s mind so it settles, this creates the possibility to not give in to every earthy desire that arises. And since these earthly desires are what one’s I uses to keep one in its grip, maybe just maybe with a settled mind there won’t be a need to cope with life by fulfilling some I created want so life is filled with what’s left, which is Universal Love.